healthcare tailored
to your needs.

Connecting patients, plans and providers.

Each year, Medicare Advantage eligible patients are required to select a nearby healthcare provider who is committed to both the quality and coordination of care that fit your needs.
Should you need help with selecting a plan, Corus Advantage offers you access to qualified, licensed insurance brokers who can ensure that you, your doctor, and your plan are all in harmony.

Discover the Corus Advantage difference.

When choosing a primary care doctor who works with your Medicare Advantage plan, it’s important to find a trusted healthcare professional who is committed to delivering the very best care.
A unique approach to care encourages a proactive approach to managing your health, not a reactive one.

Affiliated providers work collaboratively to help schedule your specialist visits, manage your chronic care needs, and more.

Designed to provide a higher standard of care. Membership is highly selective to ensure an exceptional healthcare experience.

Affiliated providers work closely with other providers to make sure that your health needs are covered under your healthcare plan.

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