It all comes together with
Corus Advantage.

Corus Advantage is a partner you can trust to help you find a healthcare provider in your area who is committed to exceptional quality care, as well as creating a healthcare experience that is seamless and coordinated. Corus Advantage can also connect Medicare Advantage eligible patients who need assistance in finding the right plan with experienced insurance brokers who know how to ensure that you, your doctors and your plan all work in harmony.

Harmonizing care, plans, and providers.

Corus Advantage connects Medicare eligible patients with trained and caring primary care physicians and practices. By working together with different medical specialties, primary care physicians, and insurance providers, Corus Advantage ensures patients find and receive the care, outcomes, and satisfaction they want and deserve. Corus Advantage affiliated physicians offer senior patients a one-stop platform where they can get the most out of their Medicare Advantage plans.

Corus Advantage affiliated physicians
all work toward:

Keeping patients

healthcare costs

Assisting patients
throughout their
healthcare journey

Care that is tailored for your needs.

Once you reach 65, you’re probably going to need more than just routine care and annual wellness visits. Physicians affiliated with Corus Advantage are able to spend more time and attention with your care by trusting in the comprehensive support offered though Corus Advantage, and they have access to a suite of analytical tools and technology that help optimize your care.

What else makes us different?

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Affiliated providers work collaboratively to help schedule your specialist visits, manage your chronic care needs, and more.

Designed to provide a higher standard of care. Membership is highly selective to ensure an exceptional healthcare experience.

Affiliated providers work closely with other providers to make sure that your health needs are covered under your healthcare plan.

A unique approach to care encourages a proactive approach to managing your health, not a reactive one.
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