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Corus Advantage is a management services organization (MSO) with a unique approach to helping you care for Medicare Advantage patients. We’re built on a simple principle: Supporting you in delivering quality care to seniors while enabling you to optimize practice results. Through our insight-driven metrics and analytics, our focus on growth, and unmatched service and support, we help you and your patients thrive.
Discover the Corus Advantage difference.
Reduce the time spent with administrative processes and spend more time caring for your Medicare Advantage patients. With our help, you can remain independent in a rapidly evolving and highly competitive healthcare environment.
Have data on your side. Our data-centric approach to healthcare gives you tools and insights to provide the best possible care.
Gain a more in-depth picture of the health of your patient and your practice with sophisticated reporting and analytics tools.

Our centralized, focused team of analysists, trainers, coders, marketers, accountants and managed care experts enable your practice to grow efficiently and effectively.

We’re always here for you and the practice, and can provide guidance and support for any Medicare Advantage processes.

Trusted by leading primary
care providers.

There’s no better way to communicate our value than to let the providers speak for themselves.

Let’s grow together.

We’re growing rapidly in the Florida area and remain committed to assisting primary care physicians throughout the state and beyond.

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