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Growth and scalability

Corus Advantage affiliated physicians are supported by a team of experienced analysts, trainers, coders, and marketers, accountants and managed care experts to enable efficient and effective growth.

Sophisticated tools to optimize your practice.

Whether the practice is relatively new in the market or well-established, Corus Advantage can help. Corus Advantage offers a variety of services that can accommodate your growth goals and help you optimize the practice for best results.

Communication is everything for you and your patients.

Patient engagement is key. Whether it’s retaining current patients or attracting new ones, Corus Advantage offers programs that suit your specific needs.

Trusted by leading primary care providers.

There’s no better way to communicate our value than to let our providers speak for themselves.

What else makes us different?

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Have data on your side. Our data-centric approach to healthcare gives you tools and insights to provide the best possible care.
Gain a more in-depth picture of the health of your patient and your practice with sophisticated reporting and analytics tools.

We’re always here for you and the practice, and can provide guidance and support for any Medicare Advantage processes.

Your Medicare Advantage future starts here.

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