Why us?

Coordination of care

Corus Advantage affiliated providers are active members of the healthcare community, making your healthcare experience convenient and seamless.

Healthcare providers you can trust
working together in perfect harmony.

Choosing the right medical provider is one of the most important decisions you’ll make regarding your health care. Your primary care provider, especially, is your go-to resource for most health needs as you get older.

Coordinated care makes all the difference.

When you choose a Corus Advantage affiliated physician, you’re also getting access to support that includes independent specialists, insurers, and labs. If you need further, specialized care, Corus Advantage affiliated physicians can easily and quickly refer you to the right resource to take care of you.

Experience the benefits of personalized service.

Corus Advantage affiliated physicians use your health data and information and incorporate it into a custom, dedicated healthcare plan for you. This avoids having any gaps that may occur in your healthcare experience and ensures a safe and seamless medical visit.

What else makes us different?

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We’re always here for you and the practice, and can provide guidance and support for any Medicare Advantage processes.

Affiliated providers work collaboratively to help schedule your specialist visits, manage your chronic care needs, and more.

Affiliated providers work closely with other providers to make sure that your health needs are covered under your healthcare plan.

Let us help get you connected.